“Intuitive, smart, humorous, engaging and visually entertaining – different than any other presentation I’ve seen. Most business presentations you have to go to – this one you’ll want to go to!”

Karen Steele, Bell Media





Eric’s keynote presentations are designed to strike a careful balance between relevant content and entertainment. Each presentation is fast-paced, highly interactive, and filled with mind-blowing demonstrations to emphasize key points. Your audience has never experienced anything quite like it!


How many decisions have you made since waking up this morning?

Each of us makes, literally, thousands of decisions every day, many of which may impact our lives, personally and professionally. Yet, surprisingly few of these decisions are made with our full awareness.


This interactive, motivational, and mind-blowing presentation explores the mechanisms and pitfalls of the decision-making process. Participants with leave with the self-awareness and skills to make quicker, smarter and ultimately more successful decisions.


Audience members will gain the knowledge and skills to:


  • Convert ineffective habitual actions into powerful mindful decisions.
  • Learn when to trust your own intuition.
  • Develop your senses to access information that others cannot detect.
  • Stimulate collaborative brainstorming by energizing the problem-solving power of your team.
  • Recognize and remove the obstacles that block success.


Suitable for all venues (small theatres, convention halls or large meeting rooms), the program is custom-designed to fit the specific needs to each group.


Target Audience: from 20 to 5,000
Duration: 75 minutes.

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“Sometimes attendance slips a bit for the last presentation, but this time the group hung in – and were impressed enough with Eric to give him a standing ovation – the only speaker at this year’s conference to receive such an honour.”

Brad Phillips, President





Some of us have it, some of us spend a lifetime trying to master it. But in an age where everyone and everything is being pitched, hustled and spun, it’s tough to grab and hold people’s attention.


This presentation offers tools and techniques to cut through the noise. A captivating blend of real-world examples, interactive demonstrations and some dazzling, how’d-he-do-that? entertainment, The Pillars of Persuasion will both delight and inform your audience, providing participants with practical, actionable skills.


Audience members will gain the knowledge and skills to:


  • Shape powerful communication strategies in a short attention-span world.
  • Develop an elevator pitch that will make you unforgettable.
  • Remember people’s names and faces – forever.
  • Dramatically improve your ability to motivate your team using a secret Mind-Reading technique.
  • Reach challenging prospects and potential customers using  proven techniques from the masters.


Suitable for all venues (small theatres, convention halls or large meeting rooms), the program is custom designed to fit each client group’s needs.


Target Audience: from 20 to 5,000
Duration: 70 minutes


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"Eric Samuels is a unique and compelling speaker. His presentations are filled with relevant material, delivered with extraordinary demonstrations to emphasize each point. The result is an entirely unexpected and riveting presentation that was a highlight of our convention. His finale, specifically, was mind blowing and a fitting end to our sessions! If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind speaker that will leave your delegates talking, look no further!"

Matias Posch, President

International Conference Services Ltd.






“Eric is a gifted performer with a button-down business mindset that makes him an ideal speaker/entertainer at corporate conferences. His act not only re-energizes the driest conference, but Eric also opens up the audience to the endless opportunities possible by harnessing the power of the mind... a most welcome and valuable message in today's rapidly-changing business environment.”

Jeff Vidler, President

Audience Insights






“Eric is one talented guy - smart, creative, practical - and a natural entertainer.”

John Parikhal, Partner

Breakthrough Management






"Eric's presentation is immensely entertaining and eye opening. He incorporates years of experience at the national management level into a message that would be appropriate for all those seeking to become better at their job, particularly if they've ever floundered while making important decisions."

Greg Simpson, Conference Facilitator







“The best ever! You ignited our national fundraising conference with your mind-bending presentation. As one attendee said “what a way to start a three-day business building workshop!”

Perry Esler, Vice President

Children’s Miracle Network





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Eric Samuels

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Eric Samuels

mind games

Speaker & Entertainer Eric Samuels delivers a powerful mix of relevant content, leading-edge psychology and the mind-magic of Mentalism that will entertain, inform, and keep you on the edge of your seat!


An award-winning corporate executive and public speaker, and one of the world’s leading practitioners of reading non-verbal communication, Eric offers a variety of program options to suit your needs.

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