“It was fantastic, it was wild, it was really, really, cool!

 Aaron Buckley

Engaging & memorable!

Looking for entertainment that's different from anything your guests have experienced?


Ideal as after-dinner entertainment, Eric Samuels' show is highly interactive, funny, and filled with the unexpected. Your guests will be talking about it for days!


Suitable for groups of virtually every size and venue, from living rooms to large banquet halls.


Duration is tailored to meet the needs of your event; generally, from 30 - 60 minutes in length.

“That was awesome. I had no idea he was going to be that funny!”

Kris Kranjec


One of Eric’s specialties is delivering a more intimate show developed and designed for smaller settings, like a dinner party or holiday gathering.


Guests will participate in funny, timely & topical, mind-blowing demonstrations!


Suitable for groups from 4 to 40.


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“The show was fantastic. I couldn’t stop thinking about it!”

Jan Lacock

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Eric Samuels

mind games

Eric Samuels

mind games

Speaker & Entertainer Eric Samuels delivers a powerful mix of relevant content, leading-edge psychology and the mind-magic of Mentalism that will entertain, inform, and keep you on the edge of your seat!


An award-winning corporate executive and public speaker, and one of the world’s leading practitioners of reading non-verbal communication, Eric offers a variety of program options to suit your needs.

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info@ ericsamuels.com

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