Eric Samuels goes where other people can’t:  inside your mind.

Through a deft combination of psychology, mentalism and stagecraft, he defies logic and expectations. His shows have enthralled crowds right around the globe; engaging, energizing, and laugh-out-loud funny, they deliver on the “wow” factor as much as they entertain. And they play as beautifully in large-scale theatrical settings as they do in intimate, private venues. Samuels tailors his brand of mentalism to his audience. So whether he’s delivering message-driven keynotes at corporate events or providing an evening of blissful entertainment, he always rocks the room.

A glance at his demo will give you a sense of both his style and audience reaction to his work. But as they say, there’s nothing quite like being there. So if you don’t believe that someone could actually read your thoughts, it’s time you experienced Samuels in performance.

He will blow your mind.